Aidan O’Mahony

Aidan O’Mahony

He’s swapped the GAA ball for the Glitterball, it’s five-time All-Ireland champion, Kerry’s Aidan O’Mahony.

With five All Irelands, three NFLs, seven Munster Championships and two GAA All-Star Awards, Aidan O’Mahony is one of the most successful GAA players of all time.

He’s quick on his feet in the pitch, but Aidan questions whether that will translate to the dance floor. “A lot of GAA players have two left feet. Putting on a pair of boots is a lot different than putting on dancing shoes!”

Aidan think he’ll have the backing of the GAA and their fans, but is sure there’ll be a bit of banter too. “I think my team mates will are going to be surprised to see me doing this, to be honest, but the GAA crowd are always supportive… I hope!”

Aidan married Denise in 2015 and the New Year will not only see him take on dancing for the first time but also the challenge of fatherhood. “My wife Denise is expecting our first baby in March, so it’s going to be a mad couple of months if I stay in the competition!”

As a GAA player, Aidan is used to an intense level of training and he’s sure to treat dance with the same gusto.

“Every time I put on a jersey I give it a 110%, this will be no different.”

Off the pitch, Aidan is an officer of An Gardaí Sionchana so lets hope he delivers some arresting performances.