Dayl Cronin

Dayl Cronin

He’s used to preforming in front of thousands of people, but how will boybander, Dayl Cronin, fare when he’s doing it in dancing shoes?

Dayl Cronin is one sixth of pop band, HomeTown so taking to the floor without his bandmates is going to be a brand new experience for him. “I’m going to be so nervous, usually I have the five other lads to back me up on stage. It’s going to be a weird experience!”

Known for their chart-topping singles, ‘Where I Belong’ and ‘Cry for Help’, HomeTown were put together through a series of auditions by music impresario, Louis Walsh.

“Being chosen to be in HomeTown was a dream come true and now taking part in Dancing with the Stars is another dream come true.”

Tipperary-born, Dayl, has admitted his HomeTown bandmates have promised to be supportive but will be waiting to slag him about “all of the sparkles” he’ll be donning.

Speaking on his previous dance experience, Dayl boasts that he is the best dancer in the band, “I’d be considered ‘the dancer’ in HomeTown. Onstage I do a bit of hip hop but nothing like this.”

Before HomeTown, Dayl attended performing arts college in Leicester but doesn’t feel that gives him an edge, “having done hip hop dancing people may think I have an advantage but I feel there’s actually more pressure on me because of their expectations.”

Dayl has plenty of experience in performing in front of thousands of screaming fans, but will he hold his nerve with the gaze of our three judges upon him?