Des Bishop

Des Bishop

He’s used to the glaring spotlight and pressure of stand-up, but will Des Bishop be Dancing with the Stars Ireland’s very own American Smooth?

Des Bishop is one of Ireland’s most successful comedians, but he really doesn’t know how that will compare to the pressure of the Dancing with the Stars dancefloor, “I don’t know if there’s any comparison between the nerves of stand-up and those of dancing. Either way, you just don’t want to mess up.”

His current show, Des Bishop: This is Ireland, takes a look at the politics, social trends and current affairs that affect the nation.

Originally from New York, Des came to Ireland in 1990. As well as sell-out stand-up shows Des has fronted many documentary series including, In the Name of the Fada, Joy in the Hood and Des Bishop: Breaking Japan.

For these documentaries, Des throws himself into a different way of life to get his material and he’s treating Dancing with the Stars in a similar vein. “I’m not into reality TV, but I always said this would be the one I’d want to do. This show is all about the learning and the intensity of the performance element.

Des is also using the show for personal reasons including getting back in shape. “I’m in the worst shape I’ve ever been in, so I’m using dance as a way to hopefully lose weight.”

As well as that, Des is using the show to impress one person in particular in his life, “my Mom is a big fan of the show, I’m doing it for her and if I make the final I’ll fly her over from New York.

Hopefully Des will have us laughing for all the right reasons when he takes to the floor.