Des Cahill

Des Cahill

His knowledge of the sporting world is next to none, but dancing is a whole new ball game – is presenter Des Cahill up to the challenge?

As host of The Sunday Game, Des Cahill has become a household name for bringing us all of the latest action on the pitch, but he’s about to fill our Sunday night-viewing for a completely different reason.

“The public in general feel like they know me personally,” says Des, “people have no problem coming over and asking me for selfies, so after this show they’ll probably have no problem coming over and telling me I’m brutal!”

Since 1984, Des has covered many sporting events from Olympics to World Cups to All-Ireland, but he’s not sure how he’ll handle being in the limelight. “I’m used to analyzing sports, so it’s a bit of a role-reversal, alright!”

For the last two consecutive years Des has been named the ‘Ireland’s Most Influential Journalist on Twitter’ in public voted polls, but what will the Twitterati have to say about him taking to the Dancing with the Stars dancefloor?

“I’m trying to do something I’ve never done before, but instead of doing it in the privacy of my own home, I’m doing it for the entire country to see.”

Speaking of his previous dance experience, Des claims, “I don’t even dance at weddings, but I’m at a stage in my life where I don’t get embarrassed anymore, so bring it on.”