Giulia Dotta

Giulia Dotta

From a very young age Giulia developed an interest for sports and art.

At only four years of age, she was chosen to be part of the Italian National Team of Artistic Gymnasts, before deciding to move on to figure skating. However, a knee injury forced her to give it up for good. Giulia’s parents encouraged her to take up dancing and as soon as she stepped on the dance floor she knew that it was one of the greatest feelings she had ever felt!

One of her highlights was becoming a finalist at the UK Closed Championship in 2015.

Giulia has been working for the last three years with the Broadway production show, ‘Burn the Floor’ traveling in a worldwide tour.

She has appeared on TV programs such as ‘So You Think You Can Dance Australia’, ‘Dancing with the Stars Australia’ and 2005 Blackpool addition of ‘Strictly Come Dancing

One of the highlights of her career was being the principal dancer in “The Girl in the Yellow Dress” Music Video by David Gilmour of Pink Floyd.

She was a finalist at the UK Closed Championship in 2015.

Giulia’s favourite dish is carbonara pasta and her favourite movie is ‘The Lion King’.