Hughie Maughan

Hughie Maughan

He won over the nation’s hearts as a resident in the most famous house on telly, but now Big Brother runner-up, Hughie Maughan won’t settle for second best on the dancefloor!

Hughie Maughan was the runner-up in the most recent series of Big Brother on Channel 5. Hughie became a favourite with viewers for his sense of humour and his straight talking manner. The bookies’ favourite to win the show throughout the competition, Hughie was eventually pipped to the post at the final with a reported 0.5% between him and the winner.

“I lost Big Brother, so I really want to win this. I’m going to put everything in to  it.”

During the show, Hughie met, and fell in love with, his fellow housemate, Ryan Ruckledge. In October 2016, Hughie and Ryan announced their engagement, just four months after meeting in the house.

“I came out to a lot of family by being on the show. It was good, they got to learn about my sexuality but also see the me they’ve always known.”

Hughie, who is a member of the traveling community, has spoken about how he has unintentionally helped other travelers coming out, “I get lots of messages on Facebook now thanking me for helping them come out, but I didn’t do anything. I was just myself.”

He’s also no stranger to a fake tan or two and is ready to embrace the glitz and glam of Dancing with the Stars, “Spray tans? Glitter every week? That’s right up my street!”

Hughie is very frank about his previous dance experience, “the only dancing I’ve ever done is when I’ve had one too many jager bombs in a night club.”

“I’m most excited about learning a new skill but a show like this also allows you to dress and do things you wouldn’t do in normal life.”