Katherine Lynch

Katherine Lynch

She’s known for her acid tongue on Wagon’s Den but will TV’s Sheila Sheikh be ready for the judges’ critiques? It’s Katherine Lynch!

Katherine Lynch is a Leitrim-born actress and comedian.

She is best-known for her RTÉ sketch comedy shows which have aired over the last decade including, Katherine Lynch’s Working Girls, Katherine Lynch’s Wonderwomen and Katherine Lynch’s Single Ladies.

“People will know me for my characters but doing something like this lets people see the real me.”

Katherine, who also appeared in Celebrity Operation Transformation in 2016, has said she wants a dancer with  a sense of humour. “I need a dancer that won’t take me too seriously and doesn’t mind if I’m bad at dancing.”

On her dancing experience Katherine deems her dancing experience to be fairly limited. “I don’t go to nightclubs much anymore, but I do really miss the freedom of getting up and giving it loads, but what I’m most looking forward to is getting to be elegant. I rarely get a chance to be elegant anymore.