Teresa Mannion

Teresa Mannion

She’s warned us about taking risks on treacherous roads but is she ready for the risk she’s taking going out onto the dancefloor? It’s Teresa Mannion!

Teresa Mannion has been an RTÉ News reporter for over twenty-five years.

“News throws up it’s own challenges but Dancing with the Stars is a different kind of stress!”

Mother-of-two, Teresa recently she came to public attention when a video of her advising the public on forthcoming bad weather went viral.

“I can’t believe the reaction that the viral video has had. Everything from tweets, to remixes and impersonations, it really captured the public’s imagination,” she continues, “thankfully, I didn’t have any bad tweets or comments, but that could all change when I start dancing!”

Originally from Dublin, Teresa now lives in Galway and is RTÉ’s Western correspondent so she’s no stranger to the pressure of live TV, however Dancing with the Stars is going to be a completely different experience.

“The thoughts of dancing live on television is making my legs go to jelly, I’ve a knot in my stomach but I’m most elated that I’m getting the opportunity to take part.”

Teresa is hoping her Dancing with the Stars adventure won’t be an “unnecessary journey”.